It has been my honor and pleasure taking care of my patients. When I receive a kind statement of appreciation, it means the world to me.

When I was in medical school, my mentor told me that in order to truly care for a patient, you have to love them, too. Referencing classical readings, the form of love would be that of Agape, not of the modern construct of romantic love (Eros). As a psychiatrist, I attempt to utilize the universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance. In other words, I try my best to give what I have to those who don’t have to better someone’s physical and mental health for the love of all people on this Earth.

Or maybe I just took what my mentor said to heart and ran a bit too far off course? 🙂

Nonetheless, I love all of my patients and will do my utmost best to take care of them… for the love of this world, nature, and God.